Grassy Valley Homes


Image result for free clip art for house keysWe’re holding your house keys!!

  •  Manufactured homes are the most affordable homeownership option available.
  • Our homes are updated and renovated with expertise by our professional building and interior decorating team.
  • Pay off principal balance in ten years or less.
  • Live in safe, quiet, clean, and convenient communities.
  • Simplicity is our specialty.  Purchase & own quickly and painlessly.

Premier Manufactured Housing




Our homes are updated with designs by our professional interior decorating team. We utilize the most modern of materials while ensuring satisfaction towards a wide variety of the general public's needs. Each home has been given a custom design providing divine warmth and heart filled comforts of HOME.


A firm organized budget is essential with the increasing cost of living in today's world. Being overwhelmed with a mortgage payment can be catastrophic when combined with other necessities and expenses. Manufactured housing provides the luxuries and the comforts of "HOME" without breaking the bank!